10 Best Science Toys for Kids

Educational toys make great gifts for young children.    Toys that are designed to stimulate your children’s imagination, creativity, and thinking skills help foster an interest in knowledge and the world around them that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.  It can be difficult though to find the right toys for the right person so we did some research and put together our list of top ten educational toys for kids with a variety of toys to fit a variety of budgets.

1) Green Science – Spinning Top Generator: Electricity is used in about just everything these days and it might be good to teach young children about how it’s made. The Spinning Top Generator is a science kit that demonstrates how electricity is made. This gift even teaches how electricity is made without burning fossil fuels, utilizing a spinning top and generating electricity causing the LED light to flash.
2) EyeClops BioniCam: Introduce science to your kids by getting the EyeClops BioniCam to stimulate their curiosity for things in the world that aren’t quite visible to the naked eye. This gadget is virtually a portable hand-held microscope with a color LED screen. It has robust magnification up to 400x and allows you to take still pics and short 30 second videos. You can even plug the device into a TV to view the images or upload them to the internet to share with the world.
3) MicroPro 48-piece Microscope Set: The MicroPro 48-piece Microscope Set allows you to let your kid investigate the world from a microscopic point-of-view. Investigate everything from cells to crystals with the 600x precision magnification. This set contains ready made slides or all the supplies to make your own slides. Perfect for individual or classroom use, this set includes high-quality components and features that make it appropriate for science learning at any age.
4) Big Bad Booming Bugs Electronic Observation Station: Let your kids catch all the bugs they can and stick them into the Big Bad Booming Bugs Electronic Observation Station to observe their behavior and characteristics. With a 3x magnification and a powerful microphone, this device allows you to see up close all the little details of the insect while listening to what types of noises they make.
5) Carnivorous Creations – Dome Terrarium: Easily grow your own carnivorous plants with the Carnivorous Creations – Dome Terrarium. This terrarium will allow your children to learn about the fascinating world of botany and some of the more diverse specimens of the plant world like Venus Fly traps and nine other species of meat-eating plants that can grow and thrive in this dome. This kit includes growing dome, planting mixture, three photo decals, seed packet, three Bog Buddies, swamp rocks and an instruction and information sheet.
6) Discovery Kids DNA Explorer Lab: Expose your children to the scientific world of DNA mapping with the Kids DNA Explorer lab from Discovery. Utilized by forensic scientists and secret agents around the world, now you can bring this fascinating technology into your home and learn how it works. A well designed kit that includes peas to study plant DNA as well as eight other non DNA experiments to discover the scientific principles that take place all around us.
7) Disney Netpal Computer: Disney and ASUS have teamed up to design a kid friendly laptop computer for children to learn and explore the world around them. Designed for kids 6-12, this laptop has been specially created to handle spills and hard impacts, in addition to having customizable controls to allow parents to set parameters for creating a safe computing environment for their kids. Running Windows XP operating system, it also comes with an 8.9-inch LCD display and built-in wireless Internet connectivity, perfect for a child’s first laptop computer.
8 ) Scientific Explorer’s My First Dinosaur Science Kit: Introduce your children to the fascinating world of prehistoric animals with the Scientific Explorer’s My First Dinosaur Science Kit. Let them see the world from the eyes of a paleontologist by excavating bones, cleaning them, and classifying them. This will teach them about how dinosaurs are discovered and the processes involved with figuring them out.
9) Snap Circuits SC-300: Turn your child into an engineer by getting them a Snap Circuits SC-300. This educational kit comes with over 300 projects to complete showing how transistors and capacitors function and how oscillators and photo sensors work. This is an interactive, hands-on way of playing with electronics that is fun and educational.
10) Deluxe Mini Play Cube by Anatex: Obtaining the Parent’s Choice Gold Winner Award, the Deluxe Mini Cube is an activity cube designed to provide hours of learning and play for your children. There are five fun activity panels on this cube made of high quality wood that will stimulate your child’s imagination by helping them learn counting, cooperative play, alphabet, and eye-hand coordination. Appropriate for children ages 3 years old and up.
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