Galactus Action Figures
Galactus Action Figures

Galactus is a Marvel comics character who was introduced in the 48th issue of Fantastic Four, which came out in March 1966. He was designed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as a new generation of super villain, which has the characteristics of a demi-god. Galactus is so powerful he can use the Power Cosmic any way he likes including the restructuring of matter, size alteration, generation of extremely powerful force fields, opening inter-dimensional portals, telepathy, and telekinesis. He can teleport anything or anyone across time and space. His true form cannot be perceived by most human beings. Galactus devours planets to support his life and has been the cause for the extinction of many extra-terrestrial races.

Marvel issued The Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four #48-50) in 1966. The series ended with the intervention of the Silver Surfer for mankind. Insistent public demand has prompted the reappearance of Galactus in future series although Kirby did not originally plan to revive the character.

Galactus VS Silver Surfer

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