Homies Action Figures
Homies Action Figures

Homies toys are figurines of characters loosely based on people David Gonzales, a Mexican American, knew in real life. The toys are two inches tall. The characters they represent are usually of Mexican descent but some from other races such as Filipino, Japanese and Puerto Rican have been included in the line. Theses can usually be purchased in vending machines in some stores.

Homies have once been criticized by the LA police department for supposedly glorifying the gangster lifestyle. They were briefly taken out of the stores because of this complain. Soon David Gonzales began creating back stories for the characters in order to counter these claims. The back stories include one in which some of the characters just got out of jail and are teaching kids that crime really doesn’t pay.

Because of the high popularity of the Homies toys many cheap imitations surfaced. Homies toys have another line of toys known as the Los Mijos. You can get these toys in vending machines as well. Their appeal is very strong with the Hispanic market.

A show was inspired by the Homies Toy but it was poorly received because the characters weren’t moving. It was released direct to DVD.

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