Iron Man Action Figures
Iron Man Action Figures

Iron Man is a member of the superhero team, The Avengers, through most of comic book history. Marvel Comics introduced the character in Tales of Suspense Issue No. 39, which came out in March 1963. Writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby created Iron Man with important inputs from scriptwriter Larry Lieber and artist Don Heck.

Behind the mask of Iron Man is Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark, an engineer and an industrialist playboy who was kidnapped because of his genius. He saves himself from heart injury and captivity by creating an armored suit for himself instead of a destructive weapon, which is the reason for his abduction. Upon his escape, Stark continued to wear his suit as Iron Man, using it to fight crime and save the world. Under the auspices of Stark Industries, Stark further developed military weapons and upgraded his metal suit.

Initially, Lee explored Cold War themes in his story lines but eventually, contemporary artists tackled more common themes like terrorism and organized crime.

Iron Man Suit

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