WWE Jeff Hardy Action Figures
WWE Jeff Hardy Action Figures

Jeffrey Nero Hardy, best known as Jeff Hardy while doing wrestling stints with World Wrestling Entertainment, is a current wrestling icon. He was famous with his brother Matt Hardy as a wrestling tag team. On several occasions, Jeff Hardy has won six World Tag Team Championships and a WCW Tag Team Championship match. Not to be dragged down by a tag team career, Jeff Hardy also made waves in singles wrestling as he bagged three World Championship titles, four Intercontinental Championships, a Light Heavyweight Title, and a European Championship.

A great deal of Jeff Hardy action figures can be found in the market, and most can be bought online. Those with collector value dates back to the late 90s when Jeff Hardy was at the peak of his career as a wrestler in WWE. Jeff Hardy action figures were released in a number of series that include the Jeff Hardy Fury Series released by Jakks Pacific, the ladder match spring ring, the WWE Pay per view series 20, WWE Ruthless Aggression Series 7, 21 and 29, Classic Superstars series 21, WWE Deluxe figures series 7, WWE Unmatched Fury series 3, and WWE Build and Brawl series 3 just to name a few. Some classic Jeff Hardy action figures usually come in 2-packs together with his brother Matt Hardy. This allures to the fact that the two were a great tag team when they were still signed with WWE. Those marketed by Marvel include: the 2005 TNA six-sided ring series 2 exclusive, the 2006 TNA six-sided ring repaint set for series 3, A series 4 2-pack featuring Jeff Hardy versus Abyss.

Jeff Hardy Action Figures

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